Jobs You'Ve Held

Topics: Management, Leadership, Decision making Pages: 5 (1937 words) Published: July 7, 2012
Jobs I've Held
There are many decisions to make when searching for a career. Along the journey, I have held different positions at various companies and there are various leadership styles I have come across while working under different managers. My very first encounter with a manger was when I was doing my National Youth Service in my home country Nigeria. The National Youth Service is a compulsory one year scheme organized by my country. This one year scheme was created to avail graduates an opportunity to offer service to the government, and while doing so, also give back to the community. During my time in the N.Y.S.C scheme I worked with the Ogun State government of Nigeria as a library assistant with one of the governmental libraries in the government house. As a library assistant, my functions included; helping individuals find, and use library materials and resources. It also included working behind the scenes, obtaining and classifying resources for the library. In addition to being a library assistant, I performed administrative services which included overseeing the management of the library. Government agencies, museums, law firms, corporations and professional organizations often maintain their own libraries. I was involved in collecting, analyzing, and helping others use information specific to the organization. The type of manager I worked under while partaking in my national youth service had a kind of leadership style known as the laissez-faire. A Laissez-Faire kind of leadership style is one in which the manager provides little or no direction, and gives employees as much freedom as possible. I believe she was more of a laissez-faire kind of leader because she provided me with little or no direction, and she also gave me all the freedom available. Due to the fact that she provided little or no direction, it made my job more difficult. The difficulty in the job surfaced because I had no experience working in a library. It meant I had to go do some personal research on my own, and bring my own knowledge from Google or other sources where I got library information from back to the office. Working under her however had its own advantages because it made me become more independent, and also made me a fast learner because most of the time I had to conjure ideas immediately. Additionally, I had to determine goals, make decisions, and resolve problems on my own. This kind of style would have been more effective if I had some level of experience on the job or I was highly skilled. However, the reverse was the case, as I was neither highly skilled on the job nor did I have any form of previous experience in the industry. Her leadership style made me feel insecure, and her unavailability provided a difficult challenge because she was never there to offer me with any kind of feedback; particularly on how I was doing on the job.

I gained my second year of experience working with an Information Technology firm which was known as Cophild. This company was into training people to become IT savvy. I worked in the marketing department as a sales and marketing officer. My functions within this organization included; in conjunction with the marketing manager to maximize the public’s awareness about the existence of the organization, to maintain and develop positive relationships with both present and existing customers in order to achieve challenging income, and increase our market share. Another major part of my function was to organize, and manage specific marketing campaigns and promotional events from conception all the way through to completion.

The marketing manager I worked with in this organization was male, and his leadership style can be likened to that of a charismatic leader. A charismatic leader can be referred to as the kind of leader who is dominant, self-confident, and is ready to inject a huge dose of success into a team he/she leads. My marketing leader showed all these qualities which have been...
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