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University of Southern California School of Social Work

SOWK 543: Social Work Practice with Individuals
Assignment #1: Engagement Strategy
(20% of final grade)

This assignment is designed for you to apply culturally appropriate strategies to engage and build rapport with a difficult client case. In each vignette you are asked to consider how you (whom the client is meeting for the very first time) could develop a working relationship and to support your intervention strategies with the assigned reading material in the syllabus.

When reading the vignette, think about the unique strengths and challenges each client presents and how you can use that knowledge to build rapport. Consider the cultural, spiritual, religious, and filial identities that each client in the vignette displays and apply your reading to understand the unique considerations for each case.

Due: 4th week at the start of the class time. Delivery methods (hardcopy/electronic) are determined by the individual instructor. This assignment relates to student learning outcomes 4, 9 and 10.


Joseph is a 70 year old Jewish-American gay male who wants to meet with you to discuss low income housing options for him and possibly his partner. Your supervisor tells you that she is concerned that Joseph is in a violent relationship with his partner, Marcus, and wants you to assess how safe he feels living with Marcus at this time. Joseph appears very thin and you can see bruising on his forearms. This is your first meeting with Joseph and Marcus is not present.

LaShonda is a 32 year old African American female who was put on a 5150 hold last night after overdosing on pills. LaShonda was diagnosed with depression six months ago after being let go from her job. LaShonda told her group therapist this morning that she was forced to leave her job because she was black. She feels hopeless she will ever be able to work again...
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