Jobmismatch Resulting Unemployment Rate

Topics: Employment, Jobless recovery, Unemployment Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: March 4, 2013

Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Background

“Job which are looking for people not people looking for a Job”

Being jobless is the major problem for many families.Jobholders are considered the pride of the family as they bring in the much-needed cash for daily living and the means to buy the symbols of improving the social status.Having a job is certainly also tied up with image issues .Employment issues.Many jobfinders begin their search failed.The grim unemployment statistic and employment scenario influence many to think in negative terms, perhaps also as a convenient excuse to explain their jobless status.

The young person seeking work is not the only one seeking work,i.e. family and friends ae looking for a job along side the ob seekr.This is a cultural reality of the jobsearch scenario,given that families stand to benefit from jobfinders.

The second problem is that there is a distinct mismatch between education and what the market demands in terms of worker skills and competencies.Another is that far to many jobfinders are choosy and ambitious and find a high-profile entry into the jobmarket.

Background of the Study
Nitong mga nakaraang taon maraming mga estudyanteng kumukuha ng kurso na hindi man lang isinasaalang alang ang magiging epekto nito sa kanilang kinabukasan.maraming estudyante ang nakikigaya/naeencourage ng kurso na kukuhanin nila,isa pa ding dahilan ay angfinancial problem ,distance of house to school,lack of career orientations.As a result jobmismatch occurs.the economic status of the state is affected.This study tells about how we lessesn the occurance of jobmismatch.This study is very important especially to the fresh new grads .How they will prevent the Jobmismatching.

Students should be aware

Statement of the Problem

Independent variable-Mismatching
Intervening variable-Unemployment

What is jobmismatch?Why jobmismatch occurs? Why does it...

Bibliography: • Guiding Youth Careers(DOLE)(International Labour Organization 2007)
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