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1-How does Professor Falcão define underestimating and overestimating a culture? What are two examples he uses for explaining these concepts? He defines that the most of people underestimate the cross-cultural negotiation and also in the same time most of people overestimate a cross-cultural negotiation. An example is how negotiate with the Chineses, we have to think what kind of Chineses we want to negociate ( Beijing or Shanghai , young / old). In the negotiations with China there is the concept that have just one kind of Chinese, the people only look at the national culture, but there is the regional culture, and sometimes there a lot of differences within the same country. In the second example we see that sometimes it is better to negotiate with an older woman, Muslim, living in the countryside of Mongolia, than negotiating with a Catholic ,young and Brazilian. This is the kind of situation where we usually underestimate the risks, on the other hand, there are also cases where we overestimate the relationship due to the proximity of the culture.

2- What are the types of cultures he mentions?
It’s mentioned and differentiated during the interview the various types of relationships which influence cultures such as: - Educational culture.
- “raiz” culture.
- “djenti culture”
- Religion culture.

3- During the interview, Falcão makes different suggestions for sucessful intercultural negotiations. Make a list with the suggestion given. - We have to understand the cultures and the differences. - We have to be careful when generalizing a culture , because in a same country we can see regional differences. - We don’t have to underestimate or overestimate the proximity of a culture. - We make negotiations in everywhere.

- Can be much rather negotiate with a person that have a different culture of...
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