Job Turnover Intention in Bangladesh

Topics: Bank, Employment, At-will employment Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: August 4, 2010
Job turnover intention in Bangladesh
Date: 15 July, 2010.

Introduction: I present an organized set of stylized facts on the relations among flows of workers, changes in employment and changes in the number of jobs at the bank and securities level. Job turnover is usually measured by comparing stocks of employment in some banks at two points in time and adding up the absolute employment changes. This measure is a just proxy for true job turnover because only 10 changes are counted. In this paper I use information that allows me to compare this proxy with the correct measure. I compare both of these measures to a measure of labor turnover that counts movements of individuals into and out of jobs. I find that: 1) Job turnover happens mostly for their salary; 2) These turnover happens mostly for their distance between work place and residence. Most mobility is into and out of existing jobs rather than to created or from destroyed jobs; 3) A large fraction of all hires are by firms where employment is declining, and a large fraction of all layoffs are by firms where employment is expanding; 4) Some employees are hired in their job by offering them a better salary and better placement; 5) Some employees are turned their job only for brand name. Some Banking brands are so much important to their social life. Some turnover happens only for their promotion at their working area. Job turnover is an attitude of an employee over a period of his/her job so the factors of job satisfaction and dissatisfaction changes over the period of time. However, in today's business climate of continuous changes and uncertainty, the importance of job turnover to organizational performance depends on a relation between employee and customer relation. Job turnover is an attitude and measuring attitudes at workplace is not an easy task. The service sector in Bangladesh economy has started to grow recently and among the financial market banking sector is one...
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