Job Specification

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Job Specification

| |Manages the overall daily office operations, negotiates contracts, and manages vendor | | |relationships, primary liaison to building landlord and overseas office operating | | |procedures. | | |Oversees network administration, manages phone system and helps evaluate information | | |systems. | | |Develops and manages budget for all administrative departments, reviews operating costs | |Director of Administration |and suggests cost saving measures. | | |Works with human resources staff on hiring of personnel, maintaining personnel records, | | |monitoring insurance coverage and ensuring personnel policies are up-to-date. | | |To maintain a good balance between equity and debt. | | |The next important function is to allocate the funds when the funds rose. | |Financial Manager |To make profit planning. | | |To understand capital markets. | | |Create marketing strategies based on buying trends and consumer income information. | | |Establish customer satisfaction programs, promotional packages with coupons and | | |incentives as well as materials for media distribution. | | |Allotting the budget among marketing campaigns, advertising strategies and promotional | | |tools. | |Marketing Manager |Supervise subordinate marketing professionals, assigning tasks and following up to | | |ensure successful completion. | | |The corporate sales manager must hire and manage all salespeople. This includes working | | |with Human Resources to recruit and interview candidates, arranging or providing product| | |and company training to new hires, evaluating employee performance and, possibly, | | |terminating under-performing employees. | | |Making sure that each salesperson understands both the overall company sales goal and | | |the salesperson's role in achieving it. | |Local Sales Officer |The manager must submit regular sales reports to his supervisor | | |Work...
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