Job Search Databank

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Job Search Data Bank
Name: _______________________________________

Summarize your career interests here. Describe the type of position that best suits your career interests. What type of workplace would you prefer (a clinic, a nonprofit organization, a hospital, etc.)? What population would you prefer to specialize in (children, families, adults, people who are severely mentally ill, etc.)? Would you prefer a teaching or a research position? After completing Module 1, I noticed the majority of careers that were recommended (based on my test results) required a master’s degree in psychology. The results displayed several different types of social worker careers that fit my personality type. When it comes to my preference of where I work, I think I would like to start my career in a hospital/ clinical type setting. This way I will have surrounded myself with others that have more experience than I do and I can learn from them. Once I have grown confident in my ability, I believe I would greatly enjoy the quaintness of a private practice. I have not made up my mind as to if I want to specialize in children or not. I have considered working with adolescent children but am unsure what career, I would want working with adolescents. I have also considered teaching once I am further along in my career and have more extensive knowledge of psychology. I have always thought the best teachers were those with life experience in the areas they teach. I hope to find a job in psychology that is hands on, consists of the more science side of psychology, and clinical one on one time.

Name of the PositionPosition Description and a Copy of the AdvertisementWill You Be Qualified with a Bachelor’s Degree? (Yes or No)What Level of Training or Degree Is Required? Is Licensure Required?Are You Willing to Pursue the Required Education or Licensure?What Is the Estimated Cost for Completing the Required Education or Licensure? Social Worker

Job Description in my own words: Helps with patient discharge and other similar responsibilities, provides emotional support and well as psychosocial counseling. Social Worker-Clinic, MSW Emory Clinic Full-Time8 AM - 4:30 PM Minimum Hourly $20.05

Minimum Annual $41704
Midpoint Hourly $25.93
Midpoint Annual $53934.4
Job qualifications:
- Master of Social Work with a minimum of two (2) years of clinical experience - Prior experience working in hospice or palliative care preferred Job responsibilities:
- Is available daily (M–F)
- Provides psychosocial support to palliative care patients - Attends weekly interdisciplinary team meetings to review active cases - Assists the team to facilitate patient/family meetings in clarifying goals of care and plan of care - Coordinates team efforts with appropriate hospital departments to ensure smooth discharge planning and clear follow-up and continuity post-discharge - Attends monthly and periodic team meetings for the operational and administrative functions of the palliative care service - Assists the palliative care site director to ensure excellent patient care services, coordinating educational and outreach services, participating in quality improvement initiatives, and linking team efforts with other hospital departments and with outpatient and community services - Serves as a liaison with inpatient hospice unit, community hospices, home health care and nursing homes

No a master’s degree is required. Master of Social Work
2 years clinical experience
Hospice experience preferred
Yes, after receiving my bachelor’s degree, I would consider continuing school for my master’s degree. “Tuition and fees for a master's degree program average $13,800 a year at public universities and $36,300 a year at private universities, according to the National Center for Education Services” (Cost Helper Education, 2014). A master’s degree is usually an additional 2-3 years in addition to a bachelor’s degree.

Medical Social Worker

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