Job Satisfaction of High School Teachers

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Job Satisfaction is the amount of overall positive effect (feeling) that individuals have towards their jobs. Since a nation's progress depends on the quality of education, which in turn depends on the quality of the teachers, the quality of teaching is well related with the satisfaction of the teachers towards their job. The present study was carried out to study on the job satisfaction of the high school teachers towards their profession. In this study, the investigator took a sample of 75 high school teachers of Sulur Taluk, Coimbatore district in comparison with the different variables like gender, age group, experience, locality, family type, marital status and distance travelled to their work place. Normative study method was followed with the help of the questionnaire constructed by the investigator. The study revealed that the job satisfaction showed that no variation with other variables except the distance travelled to their working place.

Humanity rises or falls, grows or declines, flourishes or withers, not only on the national but also on the Universal level, depending on the education it gets. As the task of educating is entrusted to the teachers and they are the deciding factors about the quality of life of the world at large and a nation in particular. Hence not only the destiny of India but also the destiny of the whole world is being shaped in the class rooms.

Progress of a nation depends on the quality of education it gets. Quality of education depends on the quality of the teachers. The quality of the teachers depends on various factors such as level of academic excellence, commitment to teaching, zeal to impart knowledge, motivation of teachers, adequate fulfillment of teachers expectations which will eventually result in job satisfaction. A teacher, who is happy with his job, plays a pivotal role in the uplift of the society. Well adjusted and satisfied teacher can contribute in the making or breaking of his/her pupils with their job.

Human life has become very complex and complicated now-a-days. In modern society the needs of the people are ever increasing and ever changing. As the people are ever increasing and ever changing, when the people needs are not fulfilled, it becomes dissatisfied. Dissatisfied people are likely to contribute very little for any thing they do.

Job satisfaction implies the overall adjustment to work situation. It is a pleasurable or positive emotional reaction to a person's job experience. Different aspects like the nature of work, attitude of a person towards his job, the work place, the infra structure provided , supervision , salary , fringe benefits, job security, promotional opportunity, incentives, work environment, organizational climate, social recognition and so on, play a complex and complicated role in maintaining job satisfaction. The measurement of all these factors will lead to the extent of job satisfaction enjoyed by an employee.

Job Satisfaction has been the centre of concentration for researchers for over three decades. The reasons for such concentration are manifold.

1. Job Satisfaction has some relationship with the mental health of the people. 2. Job Satisfaction has some degree of positive correlation with physical health of individuals. 3. Job Satisfaction spreads goodwill about the organization. 4. Job Satisfaction leads to better turnover and performance. 5. Job Satisfaction reduces absenteeism.

Job Satisfaction is of a great significance for the effective functioning of any organization. Satisfaction leads to involvement and better functioning of the system. If better services are expected from a teacher and if it is desired to effect and hold better talent in the profession, then there is an immediate need to know the causes of...

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