Job Satisfaction: It’s Effects on an Organization

Topics: Employment, Organizational citizenship behavior, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 9 (2523 words) Published: August 3, 2011

Learner: Kevin Christopher Sanders


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OM7015Dr. Linda Burrs

Personnel Management and Organizational BehaviorJob Satisfaction: It’s Effects on an Organization

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Job Satisfaction: It’s Effects on an Organization

Kevin Sanders
October 30, 2010

Employee retention is a very important issue for many companies to consider. It can have negative implications on organizational performances and customer overall experience. Many experts have been obtained to research why individuals quit or transition to other available positions outside of the company. One dynamic concept that vastly influences employee turnover is job satisfaction. Job satisfaction has been often studied as a relationship between three major areas of the organizational sciences. Within this paper, I will define job satisfaction and discuss several major areas that impact it or is affected by and studied in relation to job satisfaction to include: work performance, absenteeism, work behavior, stress and customer satisfaction.

Job satisfaction is strongly individualized and depends on the reward level of a worker (Lawler, 2005). In many instances, job satisfaction can be a key determinant of how one feels about their work environment and as Dessler (2004) stated, it is “A person’s evaluation of his or her job and work context”(p.287). Elements of job satisfaction generally include pay, coworkers, management, work environment, promotion opportunities, rewards, organizational culture, and job security. Employees often undertake an internal appraisal of their work environment, emotional experiences, and overall job role. Thus, a relationship between job satisfaction and other organizational factors is formulated based on their rationalization. Many of these relationships have been examined across the organizational sciences field (Hochwarter, 1999). The relationship that appears to have the least successful resolve from previous research is the one between job satisfaction and work performance.

Job performance is considered complex to analyze due to the multifaceted nature in which job satisfaction may affect it. There are many influences that must be considered when evaluating this relationship. Many scholars might attempt to generalize the validity of the relationship by believing that happy workers are always productive workers. However, I present the question as to whether or not work processes and organizational structure dictate the effect that job satisfaction will have on work performance?

First, we must conclude to what extent does the relationship between job satisfaction and performance exists and whether or not the relationship is a strong one. McShane and Von Glinow suggest that there are many arguments why the relationship is a moderate one and supports it by noting that, “One argument is that general attitudes (such as job...

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