Job Satisfaction at OMEGA Co.Ltd

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JOB satisfaction at Omega Technical Services Ltd
The report examines the survey which was carried out at Omega Technical Services Ltd in order to determine employees` current attitudes to work. The survey result will be take as reference, so that the organization could develop an effective strategy to improve job satisfaction in the company. Throughout assessment we found that the questionnaire established for the survey presents both strengths and weaknesses. To overcome those weaknesses further actions have been suggested. And we have proposed some other beneficial approaches which could have been used for the survey and their advantages. Moreover drawing from data collected, we found that most of employees are quite motivated but organization managers have failed to correlate with their staffs for work needs, and have failed to support them for troubles they must deal with at workplace . Therefore we have set some recommendations

based on the survey result which will lead to improved job

satisfaction in the company. And an action plan for the recommendations` implementation has been also set involving other issues in organization such as culture and management style.

Luthans suggests that: “Although most people assume a positive relationship, the preponderance of research evidence indicates that there is no strong linkage between satisfaction and productivity.” However as organizations lately rely more and more on their employees , they tend to enhance the motivation and performance of their labor work force through job satisfaction. For larger availability of more satisfying works at workplace , organizations nowadays shows increasing interest in analyzing the attitude of their employees. This report addresses an attitudes survey carried out at Omega Technical Services Ltd, so that the company could develop an efficient strategy for improved job satisfaction at workplace via its result. The organization adopted a survey technique of tailor made, and data collection was done by means of questionnaire. The report has been divided

into three major parts. The first part will give an overview of Omega and the background of the survey. The second part will consist in assessment of the survey` s form and content by identifying its strengths and weaknesses. Some solutions will be proposed right after to trash out those flaws. And we will suggest other approaches which could have been used by the company for the survey. In the last and third part we will draw out conclusions from the data collected, then will bring in some recommendations, and will present an action plan for the implementation of those recommendations.

Overview of the Organization
Omega Technical Services Ltd is a middle-sized company which was created in mid1950s. The main objective of the company

is to offer technical support services to the

engineering industry. It targets in the economic market clients from both government department and private sector organizations. The company mainly provide documentation service, produce operational and maintenance manuals for design and installation of engineering projects.

Organization Structure
Being geographically structured, Omega offers to the global market distinct services according to different areas. Its eight regional offices were established in the following areas : South East (SE), South West ( SW), North West (NW), and North East (NE) of England, the East Midlands (EM) and West Midlands (WM), the Home Counties (HC) and Scotland. The head office is located at the South West regional office, and it is composed by twelve staff, six company directors and the personal manager. All regional offices acts independently in its own market under the responsibility of a regional manager. Although the decentralization of control over the company's employees, offices are all organized in a same way. Each office has project leaders who supervise the work of a staff group,...

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