Job Satisfaction

Topics: Employment, Job satisfaction, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 10 (2480 words) Published: October 12, 2014

Report on Job Satisfaction
Organizational Behavior

EMBA Spring, 2012

Submitted By:
Mr. Raju Karki
Ms. Rama Satyal
Mr. Ramesh K.C
Mr. Sandeep Amir Kansakar
Mr. Sanjeev Shrestha

Submitted To:
Mr. Shanker Raj Pandey

Annex I: The Survey Questionnaire
Case Analysis on Job Satisfaction in Nepal Telecom, Mobile Service Directorate, Sajha Office

Why we choose Job Satisfaction and why?
In this professional world job satisfaction is the key indicator as more emphasis is taken to ensure turnover rates are brought to the minimum. Organizations have marked in their calendar of events the yearly employee survey to ensure to get feed backs on the way the organization is performing, the benefits given by the organization is at acceptable levels to the employees and what can be done to improve employee experience within the organization. Job satisfaction is the key factor that determines the better performance of an individual to achieve the organizational objective, prevents high turnover, absenteeism, etc. Employees who have higher job satisfaction are traditionally more loyal and work harder, particularly when they have high satisfaction with their career development and work facilitation. This good attitude is passed onto customers who report a better quality of customer service from more satisfied employees.

Assessing employees' attitudes focusing on their job satisfaction has received substantial attention and has become a general activity in many organizations concerned with the physical and the psychological well- being of people. Therefore, understanding the factors that influence employees' satisfaction may be considered a prerequisite for organizational managers to motivate employees’ and guide their activities in the desired direction as employees are considered a decisive factor in an organization’s effectiveness. Similarly, work performance, being a dynamic issue has received much attention from many organizational researchers as well as human resources managers. Taking into account that the rewards whether they are intrinsic or extrinsic rewards as well as the benefits received by employees from their jobs and the organizations they work at affect their inputs in terms of their efforts, skills, creativity, and productivity that they are willing to contribute in their jobs in return for what they aspire from the organizations to fulfill their needs.

Therefore, the research will examine which factors affect employees’ satisfaction with a focus on the relation between job satisfaction and task related performance. Satisfaction is very important due to its association with other variables pertaining to the overall organizational success such as increased productivity, organizational commitment, lower absenteeism and turnover and above all organizational effectiveness. Job satisfaction is one of most important fields of study in the subject of human resource management. This important role of job satisfaction function leads the way in assuring high level of job satisfaction among the employees. The topic forms an integral part of organizational effectiveness and that has instigated me to choose this topic of job satisfaction.

Theoretical background:
This part of the conceptual framework is composed of a conceptual model to illustrate the different facets of job satisfaction that have impact on the overall satisfaction and how the overall job satisfaction-performance correlation is shown, followed by the concepts defining job satisfaction with categorizing it into job facets that have impact on the overall job satisfaction. Also, the performance variable is defined with differentiating between task and contextual performance to improve our understanding about the meaning of performance, and then the motivation area is emphasized as it plays a key role that triggers employees’ satisfaction and performance relationship.

In light of the above...
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