Job Satisfaction

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Human Resource Management is concerned with human beings who are the energetic elements of management. The success of any organization or an enterprise will depend upon the ability, strength and motivation of persons working in it. The Human Resource Management refers to the Systematic approach to the problems in any organization. It is concerned with recruitment, training and development of the personnel.

Human Resource is the most important asset of an organization. Planning for the human resource is an important managerial function. It ensures sufficient supply, proper quality as well as effective utilization of human resources. In order to meet human resources needs, an organization will have to plan in advance about the requirements and the sources etc.

Human Resource Management is related to the determination of personnel needs in the organization. The organization may also have to undertake recruiting, training and selecting process. HRM includes the inventory of present manpower in the organization. It lays emphasis on better working conditions, and also ensures the employment of proper work force.

Human Resource Management is also known as “Personnel Management”. Various eminent authorities have defined this. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. “Personnel Management is that aspect of management which has as its goal effective utilization of the labor resources of an organization”.
----------------- E. Paul G. Hastings

2. “Personnel Management is that part of the management’s process which is primarily concerned with the human constituents of an organization”.
---------------------- E.F.L. Breach

3. “Personnel Management is concerned with obtaining the best possible staff for an organization and having got them, looking after them so that they will want to stay and give their best to their jobs”.

-------------------- E.M.C. Cumming
4. “Personnel Management is the service of human engineering”.
----------------------- Edison

It is very clear from the above definitions that Personnel Management makes use of definite principles for organization and treating individuals at work and by using these principles, they will develop themselves to the full as individuals and members of the group, and they in turn, will give best efforts to the enterprise. RESPONSIBILITIES

Human Resource Management today, has evolved as a strategic approach to the development and management of the Organization’s human resources. It is devoted to shaping an appropriate corporate culture and introducing programs, which reflect and support the core values of the enterprise and ensure its success. It is observed the Human Resource Management is pro-active rather than re-active, it always looks forward to what needs to be done, i.e., it asks managers to anticipate and or event issues from arising rather than allowing a problem to develop and simply reveals seven major responsibilities. 1. Attraction: Identifying the job requirements, estimating the people and skill mix requirements. 2. Selection: Choosing the most suitable personnel.

3.Retention: Creating the necessary for rewarding performance and providing a healthy conductive work environment.
4.Development: Preserving and improving employee’s knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics.
5.Motivation: Developing the techniques that reflect the needs of each individual job satisfaction, behavioral and structural methods of stimulating performance, compensation and benefits, etc. 6. Assessment: Evaluation of the behaviors, attitudes and performance.

7.Adjustment: Activities intended to maintain compliance with culture and policies. These responsibilities are not distinct or compartmentalized. They are interrelated. Changes in the single part have a tangible effect on one or more of the other parts....

References: Relationship Between Morale & Job Satisfaction :
According to Seashore (1959), morale is a condition which exists in a context where people are :
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