job satisfaction

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Nowadays, job satisfaction has become an important issue for workers since it closely relates to physical and mental well-being. In order to find out what makes work satisfying, Studs Terkel interviewed three workers about their jobs in 1974 and Ethan Winning did a survey about job satisfaction in 2004. According to their results and my observation, there are three main factors that affect the job satisfaction: Salary and special incentives from jobs, personal and professional growth opportunities and interests in the job.

When choosing a job, the first thing that most people consider is salary. From Winning’s survey results, it is clear that employees are more likely to stay in the company if they are fairly paid. However, if employees are dissatisfied with their salary, they might change to a better paying job. Not only employees in 2004 consider salary an important factor of the job, workers in 1974 also felt the same way. In Terkel’s interview, he asked a steel mill worker, Mike, and a grocery clerk, Babe, whether they were satisfied with their jobs. From their descriptions, Mike’s salary was low and the work was tired. Compared to Mike’s job, Babe’s job offered a higher salary. Although her work was as tiring as Mike’s, she was satisfied with her job. Higher salary not only secures the basic living of employees, but also makes it possible for workers to improve their quality of life. It is obvious that workers will have more job satisfaction when the pay is fair.

Another characteristic that influences job satisfaction is whether or not the job offers both personal and professional growth. For some individuals, personal growth in terms of skills and knowledge-gained is important while for others, in addition to knowledge, growth of the company is important. According to Winning’s results, 29% of workers will leave the company if they feel that there are few opportunities for growth. My uncle used to work in an insurance company....
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