Job Hopping

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While job hopping has a negative connotation; this is more about a resource providing value to a company, and then realizing there is nothing more to learn in that environment. Until recently, job hopping was considered career suicide.

The experts weighed in on the pros and cons of job hopping.
Job hopping is more common with employees that are less tenured, and feel confident in their skills to be able to move on without burning a bridge and can add value immediately in a new opportunity. As job longevity becomes a thing of the past, employers and recruiters are beginning to have a different outlook on job hopping.

In order to keep their skills fresh, it is necessary for technologists to remain current in a highly competitive market. The Guide for the Recent Grad, agrees.

This can be more common for those specializing in development, mobile and Project Management. “It is usually considered job hopping when you move from one company to the next every one to two years, have done it multiple times, and the reason for each move is due to something other than a layoff or company closing.” Frank Dadah, a principal account manager and general manager at WinterWyman, a recruitment firm that specializes in search and contract staffing in the Technology, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, and Investments and Financial Services industries, says job hopping is moving from one company to the next for either a lateral move or promotion.

Exposure to different jobs. Job hopping gives an employee the opportunity to see what other job are out there, Kahn says. An opportunity to show off some of your best attributes. Job hopping allows you to show employers that you are flexible, adaptable and a quick learner,” as well as someone who is not afraid of change or taking risks,” Cashman says. Diverse background. “[Job hoppers] probably can point to experience in a number of different industries and different size companies, and exposure to a variety...
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