Job Fair Paper

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Employment, Motivation Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: May 1, 2010
Angela French

Job Fair

Miryan Nogueira

The three main focuses of the job fair brochure that I am concentrating on for our company are: The structure of the company, the business model and the culture. I have divided it into three main points.

First, a brief history of who we are and when we began and the growth that we have experienced as company. When an employee can see the history of the company and the success that has been accomplished the fear factor diminishes. I think it is important to show the prospective employee that we care about them and their needs as a person. We recognize that we all have certain needs that need to be met.

Second, and possibly the most important, what the benefits to the staff are. In Maslows needs hierarchy theory he talks about what truly motivates someone in their job. At the bottom of the pyramid is the physiological need. The basic need for things such as food and water. Once these needs are met you can start thinking about other needs. Next comes the security need. That is where the benefits come into play. I think in today’s job market, benefits play a huge role. You have to show your employees how much you care for them and their families. If you can satisfy the two bottom needs of Maslows needs hierarchy theory the other three needs that he talks about will be easier met. Once an employee starts to satisfy those needs like the next one of esteem needs the last need of self actualization is easily obtained and you have a wonderful employee.

Third, company culture. In having other employees make statements in the brochure helps. In Maslow pyramid, the third need is the belongingness need. By hearing from other employees the prospective employee can get a feel of the culture and family like atmosphere of our company. I think the feeling of belonging to something bigger than you is a big motivation. If you make an employee feel like they are part of the reason for your success you will...
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