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Dedicated to Detail Auto
Jerri Cybyske
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Dedicated to Detail Auto The company business model is an automotive detail shop that prides itself by servicing customers conveniently. This is a competitive business where this company has an edge because the technicians provide the service at the customers’ home or work. This eliminates the hassle of dropping off a car and picking it up later. The technicians are skilled artisans who hold a minimum of five years experience in the detailing business. They require little to no supervision. The technicians are able to provide these auto detail services from a stocked truck carrying everything needed to handle concentrated requests at the customers’ door during a set appointment time. Laptops with top-of-the-line telecommunication technology is provided to the technicians enabling teaming with each other and other available resources, so that any special requests a customer may have can be accomplished. The CEO (owner and founder) brings 10 years of management experience in the auto detail business. This founder understands the top quality products needed and already has a network of merchants where the lowest pricing is available. This established company currently employs five technicians, and an office manager who handles incoming orders, inventory, billing, and dispatching. The CEO is the founder who is responsible for advertising, hiring, and all other business operations. There is a need to hire more technicians and another office manager to assist with the growing number of service requests that are coming in. By hiring more employees’ the regional structuring can be increased. This business has a geographical structure. As the company rapidly builds, each technician is assigned workloads in specific regions according to the location of the customer. Occasionally there will be

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