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Throughout the years of history, humans have gone through various experiences. Everyone has to go through different types of experiences everyday. The experience could either have to do with something mentally, physically, or even at home, work, marriage, school, church, or even rehabilitation.Whether it was a positive or a negative experience, people still go through it. There are two results that come with experiences, it was either a challenge failed or a challenge achieved successfully. Despite the positivity or negativity of the experience, there is always something to learn from. Whatever the experience may be, rather challenging or not, one can learn and give advice to others who are going through the same situation. Everyday people go through a challenging experience whether they know it is coming or not. Challenging experiences give you a choice of either failing or passing as said before. As for myself, I have been through many experiences that either was challenging or not. Now-a-days young people of this generation struggle with a lot of unnecessary subjects that they should not be struggling with because it is an easy decision and they are the ones who chose for themselves. The generation that I live in are full with teens who struggle with who they are and lose themselves to the world. For instance, a common thing that many of teens struggle with now is virginity. Virginity does not only go for females, but males also. As for myself, I can say that I have struggled with this as well. Remaining a virgin is uncommon of this generation, in fact, most of my friends are not virgins, sadly. The reason that this is sad is because they have lost their identity within themselves and have given it up to the world. But, shall it be said, me being a christian, yes I do believe in marriage before sex and I do believe that this will be fulfilled in my life. My peers constantly bug me saying “When are you going to give it up? Don’t you wanna feel like a woman?...
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