Topics: Employment, Organizational studies and human resource management, Motivation Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: October 21, 2013
job design's third approach is known as job rotation, which is simply known as shifting to different work or task from your current task in the company on temporary or permanent basis, job rotation is linked with job enlargement as in both the variety of work is increased the only difference is that in job rotation the employee only works on the new task he or she is shifted too, and do not have to carry doing both task on daily bases as in job enlargement, job rotation is only done on the basis of their skills and abilities, it helps employees to learn new areas of the company to broaden their skills and knowledge of the work, and it also helps to kill the boredom of the employee from doing the same type of work on daily bases. Factor of job rotation has been at low in foxconn,as foxconn works into specialized products at a high production and manufacturing rate, The company has hired a group to audit workplace conditions, the Fair Labour Association or FLA, as a result of the issues raised, the group reported that Foxconn addressed several workplace concerns, such as enforcing ergonomic breaks, changing the design of workers' equipment to guard against repetitive stress injuries, and updating maintenance policies to ensure equipment is working properly,foxconn has not been able to succeed in forming a job rotation policy in the company, as reports provided by FLA, employees are not been properly groomed in their work and the work is highly repetitive as by the products, and by having lower pay's of employees, employees are forced to work longer hours, doing more over time then they should be doing,foxconn faces a big setback, being a company which holds more than 1.1million employees across the world and which are mainly based in main land china,foxconn have not provided employees with enough opportunities to learn . By not being able to use job rotation system and from the various surveys conducted by FLA and other news agencies, foxconn still lacks to...
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