Job Design

Topics: Motivation, Regulatory Focus Theory, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 4 (978 words) Published: December 17, 2012

Our study aims to investigate the current ways in which people who are using flexible work arrangements make changes to their jobs beyond timing and location. Our main aim is to integrate existing job design theory with advances in our understanding of work motivation, thereby increasing its usefulness for addressing Contemporary issues. In particular, we argue that the concept of motivation within work design theory has thus far been treated in rather vague terms. Key word: job design and flexible work

Job design is a process for shaping and forming the content of the job to a certain formula through an integrated operation of the tasks, duties and responsibilities, as well as the knowledge and skills required for doing the job Work arrangement (or rearrangement) aimed at reducing or overcoming job dissatisfaction and employee alienation arising from repetitive and mechanistic tasks. Through job design, organizations try to raise productivity levels by offering non-monetary rewards such as greater satisfaction from a sense of personal achievement in meeting the increased challenge and responsibility of one's work. Job enlargement, job enrichment, job rotation, and job simplification are the various techniques used in a job design exercise……………. (Definition)
The ability of a system, such as a manufacturing process, to cost effectively varies its output within a certain range and given timeframe. The research will be mainly focused on the different aspects of Human resource model over the rational goal model. It will be further focused on the advantages of Human relation model within effective job design.

3.1 The assignment requires to be done in the field of human resource management. Especially in concern of job design and...

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Job Design and Flexibility
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