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* The need to recruit:

As Juda Truck Supplies Ltd going to open shops in tow new location in the UAE, they needs to appoint a new customer Services Executive in order to grow their business further.

* Job Descriptions:

Job descriptions are lists of the general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of a position. Typically, they also include to whom the position reports, specifications such as the qualifications needed by the person in the job, salary range for the position, etc.

* The purpose of Job Description:

1. A job description is used to present a standardized description of a particular job. It typically identifies a job title, a brief summary of the assignment, a description of essential job tasks and duties, and all or some of the following elements.

2. It is used in the hiring process to help managers do a better job of searching for and interviewing employee candidates. The job description is important to give to candidates, new employees, and management so that all understand what is expected.

3. It may be used for determining and balancing work assignments within an organization. The information contained is also useful in training, quality and safety programs and in ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

* Job Descriptions for the Customer Service Executive:
1. Process sales orders ensuring selling prices are correct. 2. Co-ordinate operation to ensure that orders are delivered on time. 3. Monitor and follow-up on pending sales orders with customers. 4. Liaise with buyers to fulfill customers' requirement. 5. Responsible for inventory level of customers under their care. 6. Resolve any billings, documentations or sales credit problem.

* What is a person specification?

A person specification describes the requirements a job holder needs to be able to perform the job satisfactorily. These are likely to include education and qualifications, training and experience, personal attributes and qualities * The purpose of a person specification:

The purpose of a person specification is to identify for potential employees the personal qualities required to carry out the duties of the post. Any training that employers may offer can be referred to in the person specification.

* Person Specification for the Customer Service Executive: 1. Computer literate (including MS Office.
2. Professional telephone manner,
3. Strong customer focus
4. Excellent communication skills.
5. Commitment/dedication to providing excellent customer experience throughout the end to end process, 6. A high degree of flexibility is required.
7. Dealing with and taking responsibility for customers queries

* Different methods of advertising job vacancy:
To advertise for the job vacancy of Customer Services Executive I will follow these steps: 1. Write description of job including relevant information and daily duties. 2. Put the company name, logo, address, telephone number, fax and Email addresses 3. Specify the minimum qualifications, skills and experiences that required for this job. 4. Indicate the salary range and mention some information about other benefits 5. Add key phrases indicating the key results/responsibilities that make the job interesting or challenging. 6. Instructions for reply including method and closing date. 7. After finishing from writing the advertisement it will be published in official newspapers, radio, TV and the internet.

* Short list the candidates:
After I will receive the CV's I will shortlist the candidates for interview by screening their resumes. I will review each resume based on the selection criteria I have developed. Each candidate would be given a numerical rating, such as a score out of 10, in accordance with the selection criteria to allow a comparison between candidates. When assessing...
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