Job Description of a Sales Manager

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Job description
Some people write a job description to hire an employee, some write it to give information to other but, as far as I am concerned, I am writing this Job description for My study purpose.

No practical method is used to write Job description, I have collected it from the Internet. I have selected sales manager to write a job description.
Sales manager
Job Title Sales Manager
Based at Marketing Department
Reports to Senior business leaders
Responsible for Sales Activities
Responsible for all sales activities in assigned accounts or regions. Manage quality and consistency of product and service delivery. Key duties of Sales manager
1. Coaching sales people.
Meet daily with salesman.
Offer them the coaching, counseling, advice, support, motivation or information they need in order to help them meet their sales objectives. 2. Manager sales department
Making every effort to maximize both present and long term sales and gross profits.  Keeping face-to-face contact with your sales people and you must stay current on financial data and inventory. 3. Set objectives.

Plan, organize, direct and control your sales staff to meet these objectives. Use these to help your salespeople maximize their potential. At the beginning of each month, counsel with each salesperson to establish realistic sales objectives for the month and action plan. Establish a sales objective for the department each month and submit it to the dealer. Monitor each salesperson’s daily performance and compare it with that month’s objective. Understand departmental financial data to determine what is happening in your department. Review financial data that affects your department’s profit centers. 4. Maintain inventory control.

Review the entire inventory daily.
Be sure that each unit that is available for immediate delivery as soon as possible, and select units for...
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