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Job Description

Religious Specialist

If your life has led you to take this path of providing spiritual care for all people, you’ll find a job in the Army’s religious field to be both gratifying and rewarding. In addition to offering personal protection and security for Army Chaplains, your day is filled with opportunities to positively impact many people. From developing programs that meet the needs of Army, Marine Corps and Coast Guard members and their families to providing moral, spiritual and emotional support and guidance for Soldiers throughout the fleet, you’re there to walk side-by-side with those on their journey of faith.


To whom do Soldiers turn when they are struggling with personal issues or searching for answers at crucial moments in their lives? When Soldiers are on base away from their families or are hundreds of miles out to sea, their Chaplain meets their spiritual and emotional needs. In the Army Chaplain Corps, you’ll provide moral support for young people away from home for the first time, lend advice to those facing personal or emotional difficulties and provide spiritual assistance to people from all denominations and walks of life.

Specific Responsibilities

Religious Specialist

Work independently and alongside Army clergy in your goal to establish a supportive, nonjudgmental and uplifting work environment. Help set a positive tone. Empower individuals to discover their inner strengths and moral standards.

As a Religious Specialist in the U.S. Army, you may also be expected to:

Support clergy of all faiths and set up religious activities Maintain records, ecclesiastical documents and references for various faith groups Operate, manage and maintain religious ministry facilities afloat and ashore Assist in the preparation of devotional and religious educational materials and audiovisual displays.


The Army Chaplain can be the first person Soldiers turn to in times of need as well as their...
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