Job Description and Selection Criteria, Hrm 210 Managing Human Resources

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HRM 210

Title : Job Description and selection criteria

Subject : HRM 210 Managing Human Resources

Name : Nischay Kumar

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Managing Human Resources

Managing the human resources is an important task and in latest years has become the top priority for the organisations world over. The pressures of competition and global skill shortages have made staff recruitment very important. This assignment is about attracting and retaining key for an IT start up business. Selection and recruitment is assumed that the writer has successfully gained a position as a human Resource Manager. We first are going to discuss HRM theoretical issues that need to the considered in relations to recruitment. These issues include the offer for the job, Pay for performance, job analysis, job description, pay and company’s objectives. After this, the document also discusses the advertisement issue. The link between the remuneration package and job performance will also be discussed. Many factors are been discussed which shows how performance in the job depends on other important factors.

1. The aim of having a pay for performance system in the organisation is to have a productive, efficient and effective organisation that improves the employee’s morale and motivation for his work. The merit or pay for performance plans relate to the Performance, Job size, Position in pay range, Pay competitiveness and company profitability. Pay for performance plans are essentially based on the achievement of the employees for the job goals and performance criteria. There is no doubt about the fact that motivation is the key driver of achieving good performance within an organization. There is no doubt that we live in a money-centred world and therefore any amount of human relations cannot compensate for a lack of monetary reward. However, the idea of giving incentives for individual outstanding performance is one that is being used by many businesses. This particular strategy of optimizing individual performance, dedication and excellence within a firm proved out to be very successful in the past. A system that rewards anyone, regardless performance and dedication does little to motivate and stimulate effort and achievement. The development and implementation of a pay-for-performance system within an organization will change the internal culture and set higher standards for excellence. Pay for performance can be of a big advantage for both the employees and the employers. For the employees pay for performance can be good because the employee is able to receive recognition for the work he is doing. Another advantage is the increase in the self-esteem of employees. The increase in confidence will in turn show its positive effects on the work floor. Other advantages are responsibility, clarity, entrepreneurship and the gain of team sprit at work. And for the employers pay for performance can bring advantages like the increase of productivity for the employees. Another advantage is the achievement of creativity in the employees which will stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of the employees and increase innovation among them. Another major advantage of pay for performance to employers is the increased possibility of archiving the strategic goals because of the motivation for high performance in the employees. Though there are many advantages to pay for performance, it’s not flawless and it has got disadvantages both for the employees and the employers. For the employees pay for performance can lead to create atmosphere of negative competitiveness: since everyone is evaluated and rewarded individually, employees will do everything to get that special customer for instance which will increase their chance of a bonus. This way collaboration, teamwork and relationships with colleges will be undermined. Another disadvantage can be the employees will be less likely to...

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