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Five Core Job Dimensions
Skill variety is the degree to which jobs require a completion of different activities

Task identity involves the degree to which a job requires completion of an identifiable piece of work

Task significance is the degree to which a job has a substantial impact on others

Autonomy is the degree to which a job provides the worker with freedom in carrying it out

Feedback is the degree to which the work provides the worker with performance information

Figure 1. Key Components of the Job Characteristics Model.

The five core job characteristics are: “skill variety” (i.e., the perceived variety and complexity of skills and talents required to perform the job); “ task Identity” (i.e., the extent the job is seen as involving a whole, identifiable task); “task significance” (i.e., the extent that the job affects the well being of others); “autonomy” (i.e., the extent the job is seen as allowing for personal initiative in performing the work); and “feedback from the job” (i.e., the extent that the job, itself, provides information about job performance).

The JCM posits that the way jobs are perceived in terms of these five core job characteristics impact three particular psychological reactions to the job. These reactions, referred to as “critical psychological states”, include “experienced meaningfulness of work” (i.e., the extent that the work is seen as making a difference to others), “felt responsibility” (i.e., the extent that the worker assumes responsibility for his/her work), and “knowledge of results” (i.e., the extent to which the worker is aware of the quality of his/her work). Jobs seen as high in the five core job features (e.g., high in autonomy) are expected to be seen as more meaningful by workers, are expected to engender greater feelings of responsibility on the part of workers, and are expected to provide clear cues to workers about the quality of work.

Finally, critical psychological states

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