Job Change

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Job Change: Meaning and Types

Job change means any type of change in existing job in the organization. Job change may be upward, downward or lateral by its nature. Upward job change is known as promotion, downward change is as demotion and lateral change is identified as transfer.

|Promotion | | | | | |Promotion means job advance, with higher level of pay and responsibility. Promotion may be an employee’s reward for good | | |performance i.e. positive appraisal. A promotion can involve advancement in terms of designation, salary and benefits, and| | |in some organizations the type of job activities may change a great deal. A promotion is the advancement of an employee’s | | |rank or position in an organizational hierarchy system. Promotion is a move into a different position in a higher salary | | |grade. | | |In organizational practice, there is another type of promotion without bringing any change in pay or status. Such | | |promotion is called dry promotion. Some reasons work as the basis for promotion they are: seniority in service, length of | | |service, training obtained, performance appraisal record, and the promotion policy itself. Yet the promotion process is | | |not always a positive experience for either employee or employer. Unfairness, arbitrariness, or secrecy can diminish the | | |effectiveness of the process for all concerned.[i] | | | | | |Demotion...
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