Job Application

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Job application
Writing Practice 1 ( follow – up to job application )

Robin Anakin sent an email to Glaston Potteries in response to an advertisement for an Administrator, but received no reply. Here he is following up with another email, but there are several mistakes in it relating to spelling, punctuation, paragraphing, language, and content. Rewrite the email in a more acceptable form.

To John Merton
Subject: Job application

I sent an emial to you requesting an aplication from for the job of administrater witch you advertised in the Burnley Despatch at the begginning of this month -1 realise you might have been too busy around new years day to answer me. however, I am still interested in the job as I like acounts and all areas of bussiness and theres good money in it. If you want to offer me an interview you can reply to this mesage or phone me I look forward to hear from you Robin

17 January 20—

Writing Practice 2

Choose the best words from the options in brackets to complete the job advertisement below. Personal Assistant to the Managing Director
We are looking for someone with 1----------(current, fluent, spoken) English and Italian, and preferably another language such as French or German. The 2----------(secretary, interviewee, applicant) should have at least five years' secretarial 3_______(work, experience, employment), preferably in an international environment. The work 4----------(consists, contains, includes) the usual secretarial 5----------(work, duties, employment), customer liaison, and 6----------(doing, making, acting) as an interpreter for the Managing Director, both here and elsewhere in Europe. For a(n) 7----------- (application form, CV, interview), phone Paula Prentiss, the Personnel Manager, on (01223) 6814, Ext. 412, quoting 8----------(number, reference, figure) PP 39.

Writing Practice 3 ( responding to job application )
Read the letter and fill in each blank with an appropriate passive...
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