Job Analysis Paper

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Job Analysis Paper

PSY 435 Job Analysis Paper
The reason for job analysis is to study and evaluate the things that a job is supposed to involve. This is describing exactly what skills are needed to perform the job, and what the exact qualifications are to fill the position. Job analysis is a method needed when the employee need to know the precise function. An example would be that an employee’s duties should be clearly stated. So, a jobs analyst is to observe the employee at his or her current duties. This is also helpful in deciding what the requirements are to perform this job more effectively. As well jobs continue to change so a job analyst n should watch for any changes so that things are kept put o date. The job analyst should therefore be familiar with the job a well as the position. “The job analysis will lead directly to development of numerous other significant workers (tools): job requirements, job assessment as well as job performance criteria” (Spector, 2008). Today families are shattered, language barriers are high, violence is a standard, and then education which does not get to high a priority. Counselors typically deal with these types of students that have tangible needs, emotional troubles, and behavioral issues. Counselors have an ear for listening; shoulders to cry on and a firm facilitator for regulations are what a school counselor should use. Before becoming a school counselor a person needs to become part of the educational system as a teacher. There are 10 principles that significant according to the Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium when reviewing candidates for the position of school counselor. These principle consist of “learning styles and diversity, motivation and behavior, interpersonal relationships, communication and knowledge, instructional strategies and problem solving, planning for instruction, making content meaningful,...

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