Job Analysis of a Salesperson in a Clothing Store in China

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The purpose of the paper is identifying the working position of salesperson in a local and small fashion retailer looking forward and the selection procedures to select the fittest applicant for the company successful future. From this paper, I introduce the basic concepts of operation the company, the specific job analysis of salesperson and the Section 1

I worked as a saleswoman at a local clothes store at my hometown, Shunde, China. The company is named Minghui Clothes&Shoes Inc. Even though the company only develops at a small city in China, based on the popularity of the brand and population of the city, the company developed successfully in these five years. Introduction of the company

The company became one of the most powerful chained clothes stores in Shunde City which more welcomed by the local population. The company, they do not produce any clothes or shoes. In other words, they do not have their own clothes or shoes factory and their own brands. The situation of the company is more likely an agent to represent some quantity and famous local clothes and shoes brands. The company acting for those local brands is not only selling for the public at the lower prices, but also be a media to present the local clothes and shoes brands. The service theory of the company is “honest, professional, attention” and they are also providing to every customers a highly quality product and a highly professional service. Strengths of the company

The company has over 10 stores in Shunde City, and most of them are in the busiest shopping streets or malls. The selling mode of each store are so different which some of them are selling women luxury and fashionable clothes and shoes, some of them are only selling shoes and some of them called “general merchandise” are selling every kind of fashionable staff including clothes, shoes, bags, and belt. At the same time, the stores provide the customers different price of staff to consume from luxury to cheap. Therefore, face to all kind of customers’ needs is one of the reasons the company can be successful at my hometown. Also, the company have over 100 employees and most of them are salespeople including me. The reward system to encourage the employees is the employee of one store who has the top sales result in one month can get money reward. Therefore, the sales are not only response for the product of the store sold, but also response for each customer. Because the total number of each customer bought is counted for one employee. In this way, the employee will increase the sales number for their stores and also earn more money for themselves. Weakness of the company

But the hiring system and training system are still need to highly improve. Usually they don't sign a contact with the new employee at the first time, so that the employment detail are barely known by the employee and the only things they get to know are talked by the store manager, other coworkers and their experiences. Meanwhile, the training systems for the new or experienced employee both are defective. But the company are more will to hire an experienced salespeople to save training time. The discussion between the manger and employees after closed the door is the most important and useful part for summarizing the daily work and encouraging the employees in second day. The manager will point out the daily total sales and every employee’s performance. Also the employees can feel free to bring on their own ideas for themselves or the store’s improvement. The overall profit of the company can earned is over ¥5,000,000. Section 2

Because the company is not an international industry with thousands of employees, the main jobs of the company are store managers and salespeople. The company is just a small business and the objective of the company is satisfying customers’ fashioned needs and makes profit. The owner of the company sets goals to each store, and the competitions between each store and...
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