Job analysis of an elementary teacher

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Job Analysis for an Elementary Teacher
In this paper we will examine how a job analysis which helps describe jobs and/or human attributes necessary to perform the tasks and Job Component Inventory (JCI) method are used for an elementary teacher; by shows what tools, responsibilities, communication and demands are required for this position(Spector, 2014). This will allow an individual to see how the reliability and validity of JCI works and how it describes the use of objects that will relate to the workers in this setting. Next, we will see how a performance appraisal in this job is based on professional learning and growth ("Teacher Performance Appraisal System", 2014). Finally, we will look at the benefits and vulnerabilities that are associated with JCI and how it may affect this work setting. The hope is that in the end we can see how JCI can be used as a guide line for teachers. Job Summary

With direction from the school principal the teacher is responsible for the education of selected students and will generate a flexible curriculum and classroom environment encouraging for learning and personal growth. The teacher needs to create a strong relationship with the student to help motivate students to develop skills, attitudes, and the know how to provide a strong foundation for future education, while taking the students’ abilities into account. There will also be professional relationships developed and maintained between parents and other teachers. The physical demands for this field is considered a LIGHT physical demand characteristic of work position in accordance with the Dictionary of Occupational Title (DOT). Educating the Students

Vital Functions
The teacher must teach subject matter such as reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, art science, physical education, and music while utilizing the curriculum proposed by the Board of Education. Then there must be a course plan developed that assists each students needs, and...
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