Job Analysis and Strategic Hrm

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Human Resource Management is the most critical function of any organization as it deals with the most complicated problems - the people problems, especially when the organizations are operating in highly competitive and uncertain environments. Strategic HRM lays emphasis on developing and implementing policies and strategies in order to get the desired output. Therefore, job analysis and strategic HRM are inter-related. In fact, we can say, establishing a person-job-environment fit is the basic function of SHRM.

Person-Job-Environment Fit
Job analysis demonstrates who can fit at a particular place and why. The process promotes the alignment of other HR processes and functions. Additionally, it supports the organizational strategy to deal with talent crisis and market competition. The process of job analysis involves collecting job-related information and assembling it together to design a corporate strategy that helps HR managers in determining whom to target and how to fill a particular job vacancy.

It also creates linkages between other HR verticals including recruitment and selection, training needs analysis, performance evaluation and appraisal, entry and exit of talent and many more. Strategic Human Resource Management endeavors to connect all these HR functions with organizational goals, work quality, organizational culture, annual turnover and profit and tapping resources for future organizational needs.

SHRM is basically concerned with the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of an organization. The identification of organization’s competencies and flaws is extremely crucial for its success. It provides a clear vision to managers to source, recruit and retain people, develop their skills and competency, address their issues and concerns, motivate people to produce desired output and ensure future planning.

Inter-relationship between Job Analysis and SHRM
Job Analysis, being an integral part of strategic planning, provides a detailed...
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