Job Analysis and Job Design

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What Is Job Analysis?

In human resources, job analysis plays an important role of it. It provides information regarding positions in the organisation. It is an important topic as well as a vital employment tool which can assist with HR activities and potential and current employees, ‘Job analysis is the systematic study of positions to identify their observable duties and responsibilities, as well as the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform a particular task or group of tasks’ ( Kovac,2006, p.1).

Methods of conducting job analysis
There are many different methods/ways to conduct a job analysis. It is dependent on organizational needs and what resources are available. Questionnaires, observations and interviews are very common methods. Although individual methods are used exclusively, several can be used in combination. In fact, it is recommended that utilizing more than one method is more sensible (How, 1998), (Dessler, 2005).

Reasons for job analysis
Job analysis can be used in determining training needs by identifying training content, the assessment tests which need to be used to measure the effectiveness of training, the equipment to be used in the training process, and the methods of training. Job Analysis can also be used in compensation to identify the skill levels, the compensable job factors, the work environment, the responsibilities, and the required level of education and salary level. In selection procedures, job analysis can be used to identify job duties that need to be included in ads of vacant position, the appropriate salary levels for a position, the minimum requirements, the interview questions, the selection tests, the evaluation forms, etc. For performance reviews, job analysis can be used to figure out goals and objectives, performance standards, the evaluation criteria, the length probationary...
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