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Topics: Job analysis, Human resource management, Job description Pages: 3 (2082 words) Published: October 22, 2014
Job Analysis is the procedure through which you determine the duties of the positions to be staffed and the characteristics of people who should be hired for them. The analysis produces information on job requirements this information is then used for developing job descriptions and job specifications (i.e. jobs human requirements, or what kind of people to hire for the job). A supervisor or Human Resource (HR) specialist normally aims to collect one or more of the following types of information via the job analysis. Work activities information about actual work activities performed Human behavior information about human behavior like sensing, communicating, deciding, etc Machines, tools, equipment, and work aids used information about performance standards (in terms of quantity or quality levels for each job duty). These standards will be the basis on which the employee will be evaluated. Job context information about physical working conditions, work schedules, and the organizational and social context (e.g. information regarding incentives, etc) Human requirements job-related knowledge or skills, and required personal attributes. Uses of Job Analysis Information Job analysis information is the basis for several interrelated Human Resource Management activities, as follows Recruitment and Selection Job analysis provides information about what the job entails and what human characteristics are required to carry out these activities. This description and job specification information is then used to decide what sort of people to recruit and hire. Compensation Job analysis information is also essential for estimating the value of and appropriate compensation for each job. Compensation usually depends on such things as the jobs required skill and education level, safety hazards, and degree of responsibility. Job analysis provides the information for determining the relative worth of each job so that each job can be accurately classified. Performance Appraisal...
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