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Topics: Case study, Scientific method, Case-control study Pages: 3 (536 words) Published: September 18, 2014
Q: What is a Case Control Study?
A: A case control stud is a type of analytical study design. This type of study is used to identify factors that may contribute to a medical condition. A case control study compares individuals who have a specific disease to individuals without the Read More » Source: Q: Where to Find Case Study Samples

A: Seeing case study examples can be helpful when you are trying to gather information or write your own case study analysis. Fortunately there are plenty of places to find either ... Read More Read More » Source:

Q: How to Study for the MCAT Writing Sample.
A: 1. Find essay topics which you can use for practice. The Association of American Medical Colleges offers a list of essay questions that shows you the types of topics you can expect on the MCAT. A link to the site is provided in the Referenc... Read More » Source: Q: How to Analyse a Case Study.

A: 1. Examine and describe the business environment relevant to the case study. Describe the nature of the organization under consideration and its competitors. Provide general information about the market and customer base. Indicate any signi... Read More » Source:

Q: What is a case study?
A: A case study is a research method involving a single or small group of individuals. A case study, from a Project Management perspective, is mainly telling the story of a project (it can be just part of a project or a phaseA: Free Case Study Samples for Business Majors - Business School is a free service for business school students. Members of can view sample case studies that have been categorized by topic and ... Read More » A: Sample case studies - RB
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