Job Analysis

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Job Analysis
Bonnie Dolan
PSY 435
May 6, 2013
Tammy Franklin
* University of Phoenix

Job Analysis
When an individual is striving to attain a different employment opportunity or career path, or he or she is attempting to hire another individual to work for them or the company they are employed by, it is exceedingly vital to collect a great deal of information regarding the position you are applying for or about the person you are considering hiring to fill a position. There is a great importance for why individuals should follow this pattern. The first one being, it is to be assumed that when an individual is seeking a career change that he or she is seeking a job that suites his or her needs as well as qualifications. Therefore, by researching and becoming knowledgeable about all the aspects of a job the individual can determine what job is best suited for them in order to advance in the workforce as well as his or her career option. The second reason is that if a prospective employer is searching to fill a position that they have available he or she wants to ensure that they learn enough information about the prospective employee to judge whether or not they would be a valuable asset to the company and a perfect fit for the job in question. The process that one would use to obtain this vital information would be done through conducting a job analysis. This is achieved by conducting actions in which questions pertaining to the job in question are asked and answered in order to gain enough information about the job to make a properly informed decision in accepting or hiring for the said position.

In order to understand the process of a job analysis a sample one will be conducted in the following paragraphs. I will conduct a job analysis for a position of a Data Analyst within a grocery chain business. I will test the reliability and validity of the analysis method as well as performance appraisal methods and the benefits and vulnerabilities of these methods that will be used (Spector, 2012).

* Job Analysis Method
There are two distinctive methods to conduct a job analysis. The first of those methods being the job oriented analysis and the second one being the person directed job analysis. The job oriented approach is to clearly describe a job with as much detail as possible. This approach looks at how a person performs a job as well as what tools they use to do the job properly. Furthermore the job oriented approach can look at the individual tasks that pertain to a particular job. On the other hand the person oriented job analysis approach looks at an individual’s skills, and knowledge otherwise referred to as KASOs (Knowledge, Abilities, Skills, and Other personal characteristics). The type of method one would use to complete his or her job analysis would depend greatly on the individual themselves. The analysis proves to be a significant piece depending on the individual seeking the job, starting a new career, or changing the field they are currently in because aids the individual in choosing employment that will fit his or her needs and abilities. It also provides employers the tools they need to obtain an employee who will fit the needs they are looking for in order to perform the job at hand with ease (Spector, 2012). Person Oriented Job Analysis for a Data Analyst

Many responsibilities come with the job of being a Data Analyst. The individual performing this job must insure that the pricing information that is sent to the grocery stores for products is correct. There is nothing worse than having pricing errors for 100 plus stores and having them all call into the Data Analyst for answers at the same time. In order to perform this job correctly the employee must be mentally able to do so. It is a very mentally draining position to fill. Therefore, the person oriented analysis approach is the perfect tool to asses if the individual is capable of performing the tasks...
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