Joan Of Arc And Antigone Analysis

Topics: Woman, Gender, Marriage Pages: 3 (573 words) Published: November 22, 2015

Female Heroines
Joan of arc and Antigone , a real heroine and a fictional heroine. Two young women, who went against what was believed to be the role of women in society. Living in a time, when women were supposed to be compliant. Women were always supposed to obey men, they weren’t supposed to take action in their own hands. However, that never stopped them. They had a boyish look, they went against the state, they were everything that a woman wasn’t supposed to be.
Women in both their times, were supposed to get married and have children. Nothing else was expected from them. They were viewed as weak creatures. However Joan and Antigone proved everyone wrong. They never got married, Joan’s father tried to marry her, but she refused. Antigone was engaged, but never had the chance to marry. They never had children and they were anything but weak. They were courageous women, who fought for what they believed.
Both these women had religious reasons for their deeds. Joan started to hear voices at the age of 13, which she believed to be God sending her a...

Both their tragic ends are very similar. Antigone kept trying to bury Polyneices. She kept going to his body and covering it with dust, eventually she was caught. Creon sentenced her to starve in a cave, he does realize later that he made a mistake, but when he goes to unseal the cave is already too late. Antigone had hanged herself. Joan kept fighting the English and the Burgundians, until she was caught by the Burgundians in battle. She was charged with 70 counts, including witchcraft, heresy and cross dressing. Joan was sentenced and found guilty, she burned at the stake. Years later King Charles, cleared her name of all charges. They were both accused and sentenced to death by the state. Only when they were already dead, those who wronged them, tried to clear them of their...
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