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Topics: Joan of Arc, Charles VII of France, Charles VI of France Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Just who was the French king she helped put on the throne. What was he like? Most people would dwell on Joan as a commander or that she heard voices or whatever. But who was she helping put on the French throne. And of course, why did the church condemn her like they did and later (centuries too late to help her) canonize her. Joan of Arc, also known as “The maid of Orleans” was a French war heroine and later ‎Catholic Saint. She is regarded as of one of the most influential people in history for her many ‎contributions, notably to war and peace and the image of women in the past. As perhaps the ‎most famous female war figure in European history, Joan exhibited courage, strength, bravery ‎and expertise in her leadership; accomplishing feats of military successes well beyond what ‎was expected of her gender and age. She first led the French army to victory at the age of ‎only 17; during a time when no woman wielded such power and influence. Unjustly put to ‎death for heresy and witchcraft, her canonization 25 years later allowed her name to be ‎remembered untarnished, and the legacy of her contributions to live on. Seen as a messenger of God, Joan of Arc galvanized French popular support, thus enabling her to be successful.

Joan of Arc was all about war. She believed God charged her with driving the English from France. So no peace. She also was not a war leader in the traditional sense. She was more an icon for the French. So saying she 'led' the French to victory, you might say 'inspired' instead. Perhaps even shamed (all those martial men not fighting while this young lady did) the French military. She motivated a very demoralized French military and helped to give them the resolve to fight on. Coming at it from the 'feminist' angle is good. She became too powerful, in that many believed she was in communion with God, so that it worried the French leaders a lot - all men. So when she was captured, instead of ransoming her (a VERY common practice for captured...
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