Joan Holtz Case Study 7-2

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Facebook Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: January 7, 2013

1.What are the advantages and drawbacks of using social media in the recruiting process for (a) applicant and (b) a company?

Hiring is a very vital decision for both the company and the applicant. It usually involves an enormous degree of trust on both sides. As an assessment to Ernst & Young’s recruitment strategy, the following pros and cons have been drawn:

(a)For the Applicant, social media may increase their visibility and know how about the companies they would want to be part of (thru tweets, messages posted in the company’s Facebook wall) before they even submit their intention to apply. Likewise, open positions, news, updates and many other relevant issues can easily be seen by these prospect candidates. However, due to lack of awareness of many social media users have on how public or private their favorite channels actually are, private profile may easily be accessed by the employer and therefore these interested applicants may be judge on a behavioral and personal basis, somehow, not giving them a chance to discuss their qualifications and prove their potential thru further examinations.

(b)For the Company, social media attains major cost reduction to recruitment process as they will no longer invest in various employee hunting methods. Moreover, due to its worldwide influence, they would be able to reach larger number of interested applicants on different places. In addition, companies would be able to assess the candidate to greater extent like behavioral attributes, as individuals tend to open up more in their social network. However, companies, having access to personal profiles of these applicants may be exposed to possible discriminatory act. In line with this, news and updates in the social media spread like virus around the world, whether good or bad. One malicious posting from an individual can cause the good name of the company to be blotted in a matter of hours. The...
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