Topics: Salem witch trials, Novel, John Proctor Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Rashid Karriti
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Mrs. Podesta
English III C.P.
2 December 2012

Literary Terms 1. John Proctor is the protagonist in the novel, “The Crucible.” 2. Luzhin is the antagonist in the novel, “Crime and Punishment.” 3. Round character

4. Flat character
5. The setting of “The Crucible” is Salem, a small town in Massachusetts in 1692. 6. The tone of “The Crucible” is very serious and tragic. 7. The central conflict of in the “Toy Story” is that Woody feels Andy loves another toy, Buzz Lightyear, more than him. 8. The CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, is an example of an acronym. 9. I have a canon of many philosophy books.

10. The word origin is etymological a Latin and Middle English word. 11. It is easy to misinterpret context my friend’s text message by the abbreviations he writes in. 12. The plot of “The Crucible” is the fabrications of many people because they have some type of motives, envy, or to cast revenge. 13. The introduction to “The Crucible” begins with the girls dancing in the woods. 14. The rising action of “Crime and Punishment” is that Rodia is contemplating to commit a crime. 15. The turning point of “Crime and Punishment” is Raskolnikov confessing to murder. 16. The falling action of “Crime and Punishment” is that Raskolnikov realizes he is in love with Sonya. 17. The resolution to “Crime and Punishment” is the confession of Raskolnikov. 18. The symbolism in “Crime and Punishment” is the religious symbol of the city of Saint Petersburg the pushes him to confess. 19. The fire was personified as it was eating at the wood as a live animal would. 20. i.e.

21. The foreshadowing of the novel “Crime and Punishment” is when Raskolnikov keeps remembering that he killed the pawnbroker. 22. Ellipsis
23. The motif of “Crime and Punishment” was the poverty they lived in. 24. The metaphor, “better safe than...
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