JJT Task 1 Social Responsibility


JJT Task 1 – Social Responsibility Strategies


A small business, which shall be named for the purposes of this report SE
Construction, will be reviewed in relationship to social responsibility in a business. In the corporate world this is called “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”.
Corporate Social Responsibility “generally refers to the idea that corporations have broader responsibilities to society than merely maximizing shareholder value.
Corporate sustainability is a specific framework for defining those responsibilities.
One can think of a sustainable business as one that generates profits for its owners, protects the environment, and improves the lives of the people with whom it interacts” (MindEdge Inc., 2013).
Specifically, there are four areas that will be addressed in relationship to a business developing corporate social responsibility. These areas include considerations involved with the environment, ethics, organizational viability and legal compliance. The business will be reviewed in each of these areas and recommendations will be given to improve the businesses social responsibility in each of these areas.
A1: Environmental Considerations and Recommendations
SE Construction is a general and electrical contracting business which focuses on construction in government markets including federal agencies, state agencies, school and college districts, and municipalities. In building for government markets the business has been involved in environmental concerns as part of many contracts. These environmental concerns include recycling and waste management, energy conservation, protection of endangered species, and safety programs related to hazardous waste and storm water pollution programs. Even though the business has always operated within the laws and regulations for environmental concerns to meet contractual requirements, the company has not always been diligent in

JJT Task 1 – Social Responsibility

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