Jimmy Choo Case Study

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Sara Khadar

CAMPAIGN FOR JIMMY CHOO FOR H&M to be executed in a 14 day period. Throughout the American and European market, subtle advertising has proven to be efficient and cost effective. We must start by pushing the product through on blogs and creating a buzz through viral marketing and avenues like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and other social networking websites,.. Our top priority is maintaining reputation management while of the Jimmy Choo and H&M brands together and exclusively. increasing awareness

Campaign Content
1. A spread showcasing some of the shoes and bags that will be available on regular women. All shots should appear to be taken on the street. 2. Viral Marketing will sell a sexy but sophisticated/classy image. Shock value is imperative. 3. It is critical in this campaign to make sure the audience is aware of the opportunity to attain an exclusive product that is not readily affordable to a working class woman. A contest will also be launched 4. Posts on blogs, websites, and accounts making everyone aware of the line that is becoming available and how it fits in their lives. 5. Partner up with a larger website that may not be a social media network but rather a medium that reaches a young hip audience that Jimmy Choo would like to be associated with (i.e. MTV.com). All of the time there-after the 14-period is to build, improve, and perfect even after the line has launched.


1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Follow-up with bloggers Posts on twitter, facebook, myspace, and forums. Upload pictures of everyday women with the new line. Spread video content. Interact with audiences and understand what they want. Gather information as well as numbers.


• Create accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Iqons, and Modelmayhem. Also a celebrity to twitter about their experience and excitement about Jimmy Choo for H&M. • A repertoire needs to begin...
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