Topics: The Star-Spangled Banner, Jimi Hendrix, Guitar solo Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: December 15, 2011
Do you believe that a person can be an American Icon by a performance? I believe so; Jimi Hendrix did a performance of the famous Star-Spangled Banner at Woodstock. Jimi Hendrix is considered to some an American Icon. An American Icon would be someone who had a journey to reach to their success. They would have to deserve to be who they are, and work hard to stay on the same level for become even more successful. During Woodstock Jimi Hendrix famously played his version of the Star-Spangled Banner was so controversial that people gave positive and negative feedback and cause a riot because of the song. Jimi Hendrix had a passion for music and expressed it a different way than others that lead to a great impact to his fans. Jimi Hendrix would be described as a unique person, and didn’t care if people had their opinion about him. Jimi’s music made him stand out more than other musicians. As a man he was unusual because he could make a guitar sound like different things. For example during a podcast about Jimi Hendrix they had a quote during the podcast it was “No. no. I thought it was beautiful. But there you go.” Which meant that Jimi thought it was beautiful his version of the Star- Spangled Banner no matter what other people said. Jimi Hendrix is an American Icon he was never scared to perform the music that represented everything that was going on around him. He played with his electric guitar solo and told a story with every song that he performed. Some people might think that Jimi Hendrix wasn’t an American Icon only cause of the Star-Spangled Banner song was wrong and disrespectful towards the national anthem, but while there was a riot more people understood were was Jimi Hendrix coming from. These reasons make me believe that Jimi Hendrix is an American Icon.
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