Jim Tomberlin and Tim Cool Release New Book

Topics: Church, Chapel, Synagogue Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: May 6, 2014

Jim Tomberlin and Tim Cool Release New
A simple question is the emphasis for Tomberlin?s and Cool?s new book, Church Locality: Where? While many bemoan the current health of the American church, there are examples of growing, thriving churches. This book addresses where healthy churches grow, because location matters!

Charlotte, NC, April 28, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ - For church plants and the 8,000 multisite churches in America, location and facility matter greatly. Where does the church meet? Where is the right location? Which locations provide the greatest opportunity to reach people? What are the potential pitfalls of a specific location? New rules have emerged for church buildings and church plants. Several options now exist for multiple campuses. Tomberlin and Cool drill down to the core of where the best options are located. Church Locality is about the convergence of location and facility. This book gives practical insight into the best location for optimal church health. Tomberlin and Cool bring decades of experience together for a unique perspective on church locations and facilities. Tomberlin pioneered the multisite movement at Willow Creek Community Church. Cool has spent the last 30 years helping churches build better facilities. Additional contributors to the book include Ed Stetzer, Brad Leeper, and Rich Birch. Rainer Publishing is excited to offer this title, available at Amazon.com. Jim Tomberlin began his multisite church journey in the mid-1990s when he was the senior pastor of Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, CO. In 2000 he went on to pioneer the multisite model at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. Since 2005 he has been coaching churches in developing and implementing multi-campus strategies. As Founder and Senior Strategist of MultiSite Solutions, Jim leads a seasoned team of practitioner specialists in assisting churches in maximizing their redemptive potential through intensive and insightful...
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