Jim Morrison: from Boy to American Icon

Topics: Jim Morrison, The Doors, Rock music Pages: 4 (1558 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Paige Wallace
Mr. Vaughn
Advanced English II
27 February 2009
Jim Morrison: From Boy to American Icon
Visualizing his theatrical stage persona, gangling brown hair, leather pants, beaded necklace, grungy t-shirt or no shirt at all takes one back to the self-destructive lifestyle of a psychedelic rock icon. As an American teenage prodigy in the late ‘60’s, Jim Morrison developed a reputation as one of the most charismatic front men in rock music history.

Rock ‘N Roll’s future star, Jim Morrison was conceived by future Admiral George Stephen and Clara Clarke Morrison. Born on December 8, 1943, Jim joined two siblings, Anne Robin and Andrew Lee as members of the Morrison family (Burgan 8). For three successive years while his father was away for work, Jim resided with his mother at his grandparent’s home in Clearwater, Florida. When Jim turned six years old, his father left for the Pacific to fly Hellcats from an aircraft carrier. The Morrison family moved to Los Altos in northern California, which was Jim’s fifth home in four years. The excessive relocations of the family were caused because of his father’s military career choice. The relocations affected Jim’s childhood by making it hard for him to make and keep friends in his life. As Jim’s education began, he was always a teacher’s favorite, which led to his election as fifth grade class president. The admiration of Jim as a student did not apply when it came to other extracurricular activities such as the Boy Scouts. While a part of the Boy Scouts, Jim was kicked out immediately for sassing the den mother (Hopkins and Sugerman 5-7). Right before his sophomore year of high school in 1958, Jim and his family moved once again, this time to Alexandria, Virginia, where he would receive his diploma. During his educational process, Jim was rather intelligent, receiving outstanding grades throughout high school. Despite his intelligence, his rebelliousness contradicted Jim’s true character as a student. He once...
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