Jim Morrison Conspiracy Theory

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The official statement made by authorities was that The Doors’ front man, Jim Morrison, died from heart failure, even though his heart was deemed healthy just prior to his death. However, many fans do not believe that is what really happened. This disbelief in the official story stems from the fact that an autopsy was not performed due to the fact that the examiner did not suspect foul play. Also, in the days following Morrison’s death, there was a media blackout concerning the event. Immediately after his death and during the media blackout, people began theorizing as to what they thought really happened to Jim Morrison What Happened the Night of Morrison’s Death?

The details of what actually happened on July 3, 1971, the night of Morrison’s death, are not exactly clear. What is known is that Pamela Courson, Morrison’s longtime girlfriend, found him dead in the bathtub of their Parisian apartment.

It seems that French medical examiners found no evidence of foul play and ruled Morrison’s death a result of natural causes.

According to the Morrison’s obituary, “Morrison had seen a doctor in Paris last Saturday about a respiratory problem and “complained of this problem on the day of his death.”

The official stance was that 27-year-old Jim Morrison died of heart failure. This determination was made without the medical examiner performing an autopsyIt was the nontraditional ceremony and Kennealy’s pagan beliefs that sparked the rumor that she used some sort of witchcraft to kill Morrison. The motive is often theorized that Keenealy killed Morrison because of his relationship with Courson. Kennealy contends that Courson is the actual Morrison murderer.

An alternate theory about Morrison’s death was outlined in 2007’s The End: Jim Morrison. The French book, written by Sam Bernett, states that Morrison actually died in the bathroom stall of the Rock and Roll Circus nightclub.

Bernett claims that Morrison died in the stall of a heroin overdose. When...
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