Jim Kyte

Topics: National Hockey League, Hearing impairment, Edmonton Oilers Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: April 11, 2010
Jim Kyte is a retired hockey proffesional player. He was a defence man in the NHL. In hockey, he's known for his defensive abilities but his offensive abilities were horrible. He played for the Winnipeg Jets, the Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary flames, Ottawa Senators and the San Jose Sharks. He was in the NHL for 11 seasons, he then reitred in 1997.

Jim Kyte was born in Ottawa, Ontario on March 21st 1964. As a kid, he always knew how to be a leader.He had to take care of his 4 other siblings. He always had an interest for hockey, he would always sit with his father,John Kyte, who was a former canadian college track star, and they would watch all the hockey games that came on tv. Growing up, he eventually became very good and that;s how he got drafted into the NHL.When Jim Kyte was only 3, he was legally diagnosed of being deaf. Doctors discovered he had been born with a hereditary hearing ailment that caused degeneration of the audio nerve. This is why Jim Kyte is more famous than what he should be. He was the first official deaf person to play in the NHL. He has been an inspiration to all of the later on deaf hockey players, and to deaf people in general. He was the only hockey player to wear hearing-aids while playing. During the off-seasons, he worked with deaf and hearing-impaired children at a hockey school in Chicago. He was very helpful to the deaf community. While a player, he worked at a hockey school for the deaf and hearing-impaired in Toronto and not long after, started the Jim Kyte Hockey School for the Hearing Impaired in Ottawa.
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