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Staff Training and Development
March 11, 2013

Staff Training and Development
From a company perspective, training and development of company employees are essential for organizational operation. From an employee perspective, the same factor is critical for skill development and for career advancement. “The retention of valued skill sets, are important for continued business achievements” and as a supervisor it is important to continuously train and develop your staff’s skills (McClelland, 1993). As a supervisor of employees' whose task is to assemble tuning devices that go into cell phones, it is important to investigate why the quality of work has diminished. Training, managerial development and training, and performance management are some factors that could be attributing to the decrease in quality of the tuning devices assembled by the employees. Trial and error will need to take place in order to determine if the lack of training has been contributing to poor quality work.

The training of employees leads to “increased employee satisfaction, facilitates the updating of skills, leads to an increased sense of belonging and benefit, increased employee commitment to the organization, and strengthens the organization’s competitiveness” (McClelland, 1993). It also improves productivity efforts. “It is improbable to produce improvements in human performance without relying, to one degree or another, on training” (Asim, Waqas, & Cheema, 2012). To determine if training should be necessary or required, it would be important for the supervisor to look back at past training modules and new processes. Employees may need retraining on assembling tuning devices and the importance of quality work ethics. Audits of employee training will focus on task evaluations, work practices, and methods in an attempt to address the problem that has been affecting the employee’s quality of work. Managerial training and development could also play a part of the...

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