Jile La Obstacle

Topics: SQL, Shell script, Database management system Pages: 7 (1824 words) Published: May 5, 2013
* 8+ years of experience in systems Analysis, design and development of complex software systems for various domains. * Good exposure of Software Development Life Cycle methods (waterfall etc.). * Extensive experience in Design, Development, and Enhancement and Maintaining applications in Oracle 9i/10g/11g using SQL, PL/SQL in Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP and UNIX environments. * In-depth Knowledge of Oracle Architecture, Data Dictionary and DBMS Packages. * Performed a major role in database migration.

* Expertise in creating database Triggers, Stored Procedures, Packages, functions, Indexes. * Strong knowledge in Oracle cursor management and exception handling. * Worked on DML, DDL, and TCLoperations.

* Extensive experience in Database query tuning, Performance tuning (Explain Plan and TKPROF utility) of Reports and troubleshooting Oracle Application issues on OLTP and DSS systems. * Extensively used PL/SQL features like collections, nested table, Varray and Bulk collect for high performance of stored procedures. * Good working experience with the usage of Collections, Bulk Insert, Global temp table, Nested tables, External tables, advanced queuing, Materialized Views, Inline Views, Analytical functions and REF cursors. * Strong Knowledge on Object oriented Programming.

* Experience in developing the webpage using JSP, extensive experience on Java, Java script, Hibernate. * Experience in using Oracle in-built packages like UTL_FILE, DBMS_SQL etc. * Experience in designed and deployment of UNIX Shell Scripts. * Expert knowledge in using data modeling tools like ER-WIN and ER diagrams with Model mart exposure. * Extensive Knowledge in Normalization Techniques for designing database Relational technology on N-Tier and created database reports to monitor the project. * Experience in debugging the performance issues and bugs within packages, forms, and reports using dbms_output. * Excellent Knowledge of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Concepts and used tools like Data stage. * Managing co-ordination of the partners and working groups engaged in project work.

Technical Skills:

Languages| PL/SQL, SQL, Shell Programming, C, C++.|
Databases| Oracle11g, 10g, 9i, SQL Server 2008/2005/200|
GUI / Tools/Utilities| SQL* Loader, TOAD 8.0/7.1, PL/SQL Developer, Data Pump (Import/Export), SQL* PLUS, ERWIN 3.5/4.0, SQL Navigator MS VISIO, VI Editor, Oracle Wrap, FTP, SFTP, Explain Plan, TKPROF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Forms 10g/9i/6i. Reports 10g/9i/6i.| Operating Systems| Unix/Linux RHEL 5,Sun Solaris 2.x/7/8, HP-UX 10/11i, Windows XP/ NT 4.0/ 2000.| Scripting| Unix Shell Scripting|

Reporting Tools | Crystal Reports 2008/XI, Business Objects XIr3.1,XIr2,XI|

Professional Experience:

Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, NJ March 2012-Till Date Role: Oracle Developer
* Involved in the transition phase to understand the business and the technologies used to maintain the data base of the client. * Worked in finding manageable strategies to handle massive amounts of data (millions of records per day) in a production environment. The company and the nature of the environment impose strict use of best software designing principles and quality assurance practices. * Coded and implemented PL/SQL packages to perform Application Security and batch job scheduling. * Worked on building user interfaces to the database employing Java. * Debugged the performance issues by using Oracle Hints, Explain plans and Table partitioning. * Developed and Modified the PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions and Database Triggers using the oracle advanced techniques Bulk Processing. * Requirement Analysis, Impact Analysis, Coding & Unit Testing of Production Requests and Change Requests of database. * Developed a Java program for...
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