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Questions 1 and 2
Read the case “Groupon : Helping Consumers with Purchase Decisions” from Page 149-152 of the textbook (Marketing in Asia, Second Edition). Answer Qn 3 and 4 at the end of the case study.

Q1 Problem recognition: Created by triggers that present consumers the opportunity to try out something new.
Information search: may occur due to previous experience with the seller making an offer or a conversation with family and friends regarding a product or service.
Alternative evaluation: consumers focusing on prices as being the most important evaluative criteria.
Purchase decision: Unique to Groupon as purchases are made online and confirmed when deals tip.
Post Purchase behavior: consumers will evaluate their purchase and indicate whether their purchase where up to their expectations.

Question 2
The recession caused many people to be more thrift. Also, people that are attracted to websites such as Gift in fashion and Woot are also attracted to Groupon.
Woman aged between 18 to 34 years old are affinity to social media hence enable the use of Groupon, which depends on email and smartphone applications.
Groupon has begun to personalize the deals to suit their customers. They uses variables such as gender, location of residence and buying history. Hence, the offers are more likely to be of interest to consumers and allows Groupon to serve more merchants.

Brad Lau, more popularly known as Iron Lady Chef, is a famous food blogger in Singapore. He has been regularly dishing out reviews of food and his dining experiences of both new and long-standing restaurants since 2007. The blog is one of the most read food blogs in Singapore, obtaining 31,000 hits from 12,000 unique visitors daily.

a) Discuss the type of sociocultural influence that Brad Lau has on Singapore consumers.
The type of influence is opinion leadership. It refers to individuals who exert direct or indirect social influence over others. Opinion leaders are considered knowledgeable about or users of specific products, so their opinions have a strong influence on others’ choice. In this case, Brad Lau, is knowledgeable about food and shares his dining experiences and food reviews of both new and long-standing restaurants with the public. As one of the most read food blogs in Singapore, and obtaining 31,000 hits from 12,000 unique visitors daily, it shows that Brad Lau has a strong influence on the consumers’ choice when they want to dine.

b) Information search is the second stage of the consumer purchase decision process. Describe the source of information used when consumers conduct an internet search on various food blogs for good dining places. This search is referred to as external search. Conducting an internet search is a public source for consumers because Brad Lau is an experienced and famous food blogger. Hence, consumers feel that the information and opinion he gives, is very reliable and true. It then affects their decision on dining outside or encourage the consumers by going to some restaurants that may have been recommended to them. (can also be marketed-dominated sources)

Question 4
Mary has a chain of cafes, named Mary’s Best Food, selling Western set meals at various locations in Singapore. The meals were cooked using traditional cooking methods and they pride themselves in serving “home-cooked food”. Discuss the three major types of business buying situations that Mary may be facing. Give at least three examples for each type of buying situation. You may make reasonable assumptions.

The 3 major types of business buying situation that Mary may be facing are straight rebuy, modified rebuy and new buy.
Straight rebuy refers to where the buyer reorders an existing product or service from the list of acceptable suppliers. For example, reorder from the same supplier on same quality.
Modified rebuy refers to where users, influencers, or deciders in the buying center want to change the product specifications, price, delivery schedule, or supplier, although the item purchased is largely the same. For example, to suit the consumer better, she can order organic products.

New buy refers to where the firm is a first-time buyer of the product or service and it involve greater risk. For example, for new cooking purposes, she can buy new oven and cookers if needed.

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