Jihad vs. Macworld

Topics: Terrorism, World, Jihad vs. McWorld Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: May 12, 2005
Problems are occurring all over the world for many different reasons and its up to the people to make a stand for what they believe in. Everyday Politics are on demand for making decisions on whats right and whats wrong, and fixing a problem as it gets worse is what the U.S. has to face. After the event that occurred on September11th it had forever changed the world. However the fact of the matter is, nationalism or war.

Terrorist today have made there way into the U.S. and worked together to turn Americas power against them, making them realize that something needs to change. Terrorists pain and suffering has now become Americas problem and according to the speech made by Benjamin Barber a political theorist; it is questioned if terrorism will ever be stopped.

Benjamin wrote a best seller book on Jihad vs. McWorld and his arguments were heard throughout the world. Tension between forces of integration, pop culture, and new technology have brought religion and democracy at dispute. Different civilizations of thought are within various cultures and terrorism is continuing to grow at such ease, have brought attention across the world. Benjamin explained in his speech that there are 14 main terrorist leaders not including the 8 that President Bush had taken care of, but if Bush captures all terrorist; will terrorism end?

Terrorism is now an international threat and with global disorder and disparity of income; poor people without hope will create terrorism among themselves. No matter what happens, terrorist will find other places to operate and will continue to strike.

Benjamin Barber said that no matter what happens there will always be war, and there will always be terrorist. Evil will be equally distributed among people no matter what the race. If something doesn't happen soon it will be up to the God or Gods to determine the worlds fate.
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