Jihad the True Meaning

Topics: Muhammad, Islam, Jihad Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: November 7, 2008
The beauty of Jihad is hidden behind the supposed meaning which is “holy war” in actuality there is so much more to jihad, it is a way in which Muslims can struggle and strive for our creator Allah (swt). What makes me sad is the misinterpretation of the word; the media has made it look like a militaristic concept when in reality it is to struggle in the name of Allah (swt) and Islam. Hopefully reading this will help us better understand the word Jihad. The types of Jihad maybe the key to actually understanding what Jihad is, there are four types of Jihads. The first type of Jihad is to struggle against one’s self and desire, the second is to struggle against the temptations of Shaitan (Satan), the third is to struggle against the disbelievers and the fourth is to struggle against the hypocrites. Struggling against one's self desires means forcing yourself to follow the orders of God (Allah) and to stay away from what God (Allah) has ordered to stay away from. This includes performing the obligatory and the voluntary, and to abandon all acts that are Haram (unlawful) or Makrooh (disliked). This type of jihad also includes forcing oneself to behave with the best manners, the best morals, and to stay away from bad behavior at a time when our desires tell us the opposite. Struggling against Satan means to defend you from his evil whisperings, his doubtful matters, his temptations, and his lustfulness. This type of jihad is an obligation for all individuals and no one can do it on another ones behalf. Understand that Satan's whisperings will never go away, and therefore, struggling throughout life. The struggle against the disbelievers and the hypocrites has four levels, which are: In the heart, the tongue, wealth and soul. When struggling with the disbelievers, more than likely, there will be use of hands or physical strength. On the other hand, when struggling against the hypocrites, Jihad will be used through speech to preach to them. These two types of Jihad are...
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